Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You're The Flop is almost here!

About one year ago my partner with Music Theater of Madison, Meghan Randolph, came up with an idea to write a show about flop musicals. After sketching up with a few ideas, we brought in my friend Robby Sandler to help flush out a story. He and I worked for months on putting together songs that fit with our story idea. We wanted to tell the story of a group of theater artists who try to put a show up on Broadway, but it becomes a flop. After the songs were in place, Meghan put together the facts that she wanted said about shows that were flops. About a month ago we started rehearsals, and the actors helped shape the exact wording of the monologues, and the script was complete! After three and a half weeks of hard work, we are in tech. The show is really delightful, fun and touching. It is more then we ever expected it to be! It is thrilling to work on a production from its inception to its completion for the first time ever. Madison Magazine wrote a nice article and interviewed Meghan about the process. One note, the article list me as the music director of MTM, but I am in fact the associate artistic director.

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