Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hostage Song Reviews are fantastic!

Hostage Song was a great success! We had a great run, and we had the audiences and reviews to prove it. Madison Magizine's Aaron R Conklin said "Director Catie O’Donnell artfully deploys clever details to amp the mood, like the actors delivering the microphones to the blindfolded leads in a tender way when they’re playing loved ones, and ripping them away rudely when they’re dressed as terrorists." and more. Sarah Marty from Four Seasons Theater says "The indie rock approach to musical theatre and the subject matter fit well in the small back room of The Frequency. It's a very different experience as an audience member." in her blog review. Finally Jeff Turk from Fresco Opera had some wonderful things to say about Hostage Song here, including " I would highly recommend anyone with an interest in theater to take the opportunity to see this unique work, in this unique setting. Music Theatre of Madison’s “Hostage Song” demonstrates how powerful and moving modern theater can be."