Monday, December 15, 2014

Klingon Christmass Carol takes Chicago by storm

Klingon Christmas Carol was one of the most exciting and challenging productions I have ever had the pleasure of directing. I was very happy to have an extremely talented and hard working cast and production team working with me on this wonderful show. It truly was a whole group effort, and it would not have been a success without everyone giving their all. We had two months of rehearsal, including language lessons, fight choreography, music rehearsals, and regular blocking rehearsals.

All of our hard work paid off, because not only did we sell out 80% of our performances, we also have been getting fabulous reviews from around Chicago. New City Stage says "RECOMMENDED If you haven’t had the chance to see Commedia Beauregard’s “A Klingon Christmas Carol,” well now is the time. The current incarnation of the show, its fifth, will apparently be the final production in Chicago. Happily, this version is lively, appropriately violent and anchored by a wonderful leading performance from Philip Zimmermann as SQuja’. Oh and if you are wondering what exactly “A Klingon Christmas Carol” actually is, it’s… well… it’s a version of “A Christmas Carol” that’s done entirely with Klingons. 

Chicago Reader also recommends the show and says "There's humor throughout, but the two-act show takes itself more seriously then you'd think. Costumes are top-notch, and improvements over the years- a new set, a script overhaul...-make this production directed by Catie O'Donnell a fittingly polished final voyage".

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